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Instrumentation and Control Systems Used on the Australian Synchrotron

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A discussion of the Instrumentation and Control systems to
be used on the Australian Synchrotron. Presenting the use of open source
and scientific collaboration software and the unique problems presented
to and solved by the Instrumentation and Controls staff of the
Synchrotron. Also discussing the use of solid industrial and commercial
System Engineering methodologies in a unique large science environment –
delivering a major project to a fixed budget and tight timeframe.

Keywords: control systems, science
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Presentation Type: Keynote Presentation in English
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Richard Farnsworth

Austrailan Synchrotron Project

Richard Farnsworth is the Lead Control Systems Engineer for
the Austrailan Synchrotron Project. He is responsible for the systems
design, specification, procurement, testing and integration of the
computer instrumentation, control and diagnostics for the project.
Richard is from Melbourne and comes from an IT and engineering
background, having worked on systems for a variety of utilities,
including water supply, sewerage, railways and power authorities. These
have been predominantly related to real-time process control. So, if the
water comes out of your taps, the trains run, the toilet flushes away,
or the lights turn on, chances are some of the systems he has worked on
helped to make that happen.

Ref: OS5P0065

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