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Zaltana is the fusion of PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java
and more into the one application framework, by doing
no code in any of the above. It provides a single sign on, single
look and feel and it does not matter
whether the code is from an existing or new project, code, template
or static page. And it does
all this in a manner that is well documented, reproducable and most
importantly of all, completely
independently - allowing reuse of every component, even outside of

Longer Description

There are many web application frameworks out there, everyone
one of them suffering from the same fault as the previous. What if I
could show you that you can choose your language, integrate existing
projects with minimal work, mix CGI, mix Modules, mix Templates and
all with a single good look & feel, standards compliant and single
authentication. Would that be important ?

Zaltana is an ambitious project that covers how to integrate
your favourite web application framework with your own work. But I
hear you say - you don't want to write in PHP (/Perl/Python/Java -
insert any language here) - you want to write in Ruby (/Perl/Python/
PHP/C++ - insert any language here) - well no problem. Zaltana is a
set of processes, code, technique, css, javascript, working
templates, examples and so much more that allow you to integrate
mixed languages (see PHP generate code, modified by perl and output
with pretty Javascript and CSS with no HTML in any of the Perl or
PHP), have a single authentication system and so much more.

Zaltana is about reusability. If, like me, you write most of
your code in Perl, you may like to write your web applications in a
Perl Framework. but who wants to write a new wiki when mediawiki is
out there - but oh no - Mediawiki is written in PHP - how am I going
to integrate that ! Normally you would have to do some tricky second
server requests (think inbound proxy) combined with heavy
modification of HTML and templates.

But Zaltana is not about the one true way. Far from it. Zaltana
is a set of components you can reuse in any language. The CSS, HTML
and Graphics sections can be taken either directly as is, or the
ideas can be used. A huge amount of work has gone into how the HTML
should be structured to allow the best control of the site from CSS.
You should write once, and only once, the ability to sort tables.
From then on your code should just say that this column is sorted -
no matter what the language, or even a static html page. Zaltana is
about just that.

Finally, Zaltana is about Documentation - it is a set of ideas,
procedures and best practices - you don't have to use them - but they
have merit - the documentation not only covers the how, but also the
why - the research that went behind the decision.

Who it will interest

All web developers, all web applications developers.

Keywords: web
Stream: Web - XML/HTML/Javascript
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Mr Scott Penrose

Melbourne.PM, OSDC, myinternet

Ref: OS5P0063

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