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Towards best practise development: Developing standards and procedures for consistent results

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ITIL covers change, release and service management, PMBOK how to develop
and deliver a project. But organisations need to take these high level
frameworks and establish relevant local procedures and standards.

Effective teams need an agreed approach for managing new developments
and maintaining existing ones. Significant issues include:
* Project management
* Coding standards and architectural patterns
* Change management
* Monitoring and reporting

How do all these theories work in practise? Which bits actually
increase effectiveness and which just add bureaucracy? Monash's
incremental implementation approach has identified some interesting
results. Managers, project managers, tech leads and developers
can see how little changes can make a big difference, and how
starting small delivers more effective results.

Keywords: ITIL, project management, PMBOK, coding standards, architectural patterns, change management, release management, monitoring, reporting, job tracking, team performance, quality
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Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Towards best practise development

Nathan Bailey

Manager, FLT, Information Technology Services, Monash University

Ref: OS5P0055

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