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Parsing, Analysing and Manipulating Perl (without perl)

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For over a decade Parse::Perl, a Perl parser written in pure Perl has long been a glittering, intangible, but impossible dream...

But as it turns out, is was only "mostly" impossible.

In a talk first presented at OSCON 2005, and best described by one attendee as "incredibly exciting, once your head stops hurting", discover the new and exciting world of the PPI Perl parser, and find out all the new toys coming your way.

Keywords: Perl parser PPI
Stream: Perl
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Adam Kennedy

Director, Phase N Australia

Adam Kennedy is Australia's most prolific Open Source Perl developer. He is the founder of 2 Perl-based software companies and the author of over 90 CPAN distributions, ranging from the smallest components such as Config::Tiny to the huge and "theoretically impossible" PPI Perl parser. Most of the time, he can be found in his evil laboratory at development startup Phase N, where he works on code generation, Perl application scalability, and a variety of other large and complex Perl projects.

Ref: OS5P0043

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